Utile in two words

By da Corrado Serra © copyright@Jumpinblue 2012 - 2013

"This space is dedicated to all that is useful for a good daily life starting from services of social utility to those more practical and even the free ones, when possible.
What is “useful” these days?

To rent or sell a home at a fair price, to find low-cost stores or points of sale for all our needs: these are examples of practical uses for Utile.

“Utile” also brings together, and most important in an unbiased way, the energies and ideas of people to teach, to build, to create, and to share with others new projects for the future."

All the best! We invite you to explore and use Utile!

What we do...the projects...the ideas...the aspirations...by Corrado Serra and Saverio Ragonesi

We are constructing this site, part of the JumpInBlue portal, on a low budget, seeking to involve those who feel it is time to do something, to give unbiased support to help meet the basic needs of the many thousands who are living near difficulty.

We have long been convinced that it is of vital importance to connect services, and to connect people and services. We believe, moreover, that it is time that people benefit of favorable terms without compromising the quality or quantity of the products.

Utile aspires, however, to be something more. Imagine, for a moment, the power of connecting all the best qualities of people who work and of the services provided by both public and private sector, also the companies or associations that have the responsibility of guaranteeing a true utility to those who aspire to a decent quality of life and a better future.

And what of culture and education? Knowing how to educate a populace without punishing it, as so often happens.

Teaching should be the priority in building a coherent and constructive society. In particular, the approach to teaching, and the method, are of great importance.

We are speaking, moreover, of developing the ludic sector and deepening the practice of gaming as an instrument of personal growth and as an instrument for appreciating the relationships between the inner world and the external one.

Our aspiration is giving a continuous utility in all aspects of our of daily lives.

For what use is a university degree if one has not prepared oneself to face doubts about a choice dictated by prestige or of fear of loss?

What use is a beautiful chessboard if one does not know how to play the game?

We believe, however, that the most important utility is a kind of information that collects many isolated points and then joins them into a unique path.

This is the underlying reason for Utile, we believe that it is not only important but also just to create a space where it is possible to initiate the construction of such a collection.

Thus, your support is so important that we ask you to participate in this little project by registering on the site and posting an article in one or more sections of your choice. Join us in continuing to develop this idea so that it can multiply exponentially.

Help us create, send us your ideas and suggestions . . . stop for a moment . . . draw a deep breath and plunge into the blue!