JumpInBlue - By Richard Nocentini

It is a great pleasure to give our current (and future) visitors a very warm welcome!

This is a project open to different fields of human expression.

It is a non-profit initiative whose continuity will be granted from the contribution of whom may like to participate.

It is our greatest hope to develop a direct and ongoing dialogue among those who are actively contributing to this project and those who will, over time, join this evolving story where every “ending” is the start of a new tale!

The Golden Rules:

We are committed to maintaining all aspects of this Blue Space, now and in the future, as positive. The design and development of the space and the “jumps” is intentionally positive, and we expect all users to respect this commitment.

All users of this site and related services, whether participants or visitors, must understand and accept that no content may in any way create or perpetuate any type of violence or discrimination, whether it be spoken, visual, or written, explicit or implicit; or any type of ideology, whether it be political, religious, sexual, or social.

Nor may this site or its related services be used in any way toward such ends.

In this regard, the directors of Jumpinblue.org are free to decline any type of offer, proposal, material, translation, presentation, or product that is in any way offensive or damaging to any sector or to those of any orientation.

This is and intends to stay a Blue Space open only to the best intentions of those who use or visit the site.

Short description of Blue

Blue is a primary colour: it cannot be generated by any other colours.

Blue is the colour of the great deep.

Blue represents intellect, truth, fidelity, constancy.

Blue purifies, and it is the colour of a clear sky..

It is said that blue suggests great distance from the ordinary, perhaps through a relaxing property, and perhaps through an optical effect on the beholder.